Zailiysky Alatau Mountains Vacation
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Zailiysky Alatau Mountains Vacation

Left to right: Mayakovsky Peak, Ordgenikidze Peak, Partizan Peak

    You can conquer Pioneer peak (4010 meters above the sea), if you participate in our 7-day tour (from $440) in Zailiysky Alatau Mountains, 15 kilometers from Alma-Ata - south capital of Kazakhstan. Routs of our tour are available for both children and adults and don't need any special gear, so you can rest with your whole family. But you must take into consideration our terms of participation.
    Visit our club please and take part in our photo & video route, search through Microsoft Encarta maps & articles, glance at our bookshelfs and mach more.

If you like mountaineering, travel or wild nature - we are awaiting you!

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